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If anyone is wondering why Cottonee looks a lot different, that's because in Pokemon Black 2 and White 2, Cottonee got a completely new sprite. So Cottonee in my sprite project will be based off of the Black 2/White 2 sprite, rather than the Black/White sprite.

Originally Posted by Robert Conley View Post
That's an absolutely amazing Scolipede! I like it far better than even the official B/W sprite.
Thank you! Although I've made a minor adjustment in the front sprite (sorry Jambo51 if you've already inserted the old one)

Originally Posted by Actshon View Post
You've done such an amazing job on these Chaos Rush! Thank you so much for all the hard work!
Thank you!

Originally Posted by Skitty1 View Post
Before I begin sorry if I come off as crude but I am trying to be helpful...

When people read “I’m to lazy to do it” that raises a red flag… as in if the user is to lazy then they clearly lack the motivation to do the task. In other words…

Lazy > lack of motivation > sloppy job.

Also another thing if you are too lazy to type out “Okay, thank you, goodbye.” Well then that is rather sad…
Sorry, but your post does not make you come off as "helpful". Oh, and yes, I agree, I must be soooo lazy, having already done over 200 Pokemon sprites (both front and back), and having already completed the entirety of Generation IV and almost half of Generation V.

Let's see you, Skitty1, make a sprite project of resizing/scratching all 649 Pokemon, both front and back, and then manually recolor every sprite to shiny, and then manually assemble them into a format that can be recognized by Wichu's Sprite Editor for Rom hacking, and you have to do it for every single Pokemon. I'm sure you would do a fantasic job

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