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Originally Posted by codylynn94 View Post
Username/Trainer Name: jack
Ultimate: yes
Game(s): yellow, crystal, emerald, platinum, white

woke up ready to steal pokemon!
went to the lab about to grab eevee when gary got it first... ill get him back soon enough.
stole pikachu and named him bolt
returned oaks parcel
found Gary and took back that eevee and named her vee
got a nidoran and messed up naming him spikf
ACCEPTED! Welcome to the challenge!

EDIT: Time for my second update!

-Found out that the PokeMart had a hidden stash of Master Balls and threatened the shopkeeper until he gave me some (GameShark)
-Stole Misty's Starmie and got the Cascade Badge plus TM11 Bubblebeam for it
-Stole a Bulbasaur
-Nidoking learned Thrash
-Stole Duskmon's Eevee
-Deposited Rattata for Eevee
-Starmie learned Bubblebeam
-Stole a random Trainer's Pidgey
-Stole a Charmander
-Starmie learned Thunder Wave
-Nidoking learned Seismic Toss
-Stole Bill's S.S. Ticket
-Stole a Drowzee from a fake Rocket Grunt
-Arrived in Vermillion City
-Swapped Pikachu and Koffing for Pidgey and Drowzee
-Stole Rare Candies from Vermillion City PokeMart (GameShark)
-Pidgey evolved into Pidgeotto
-Drowzee learned Headbutt
-Drowzee evolved into Hypno
-Bulbasaur learned Vine Whip
-Bulbasaur evolved into Ivysaur
-Ivysaur learned Razor Leaf
-Eevee learned Quick Attack
-Eevee learned Bite
-Pidgeotto learned Whirlwind
-Stole a Cubone
-Swapped Ivysaur for Cubone
-Traded Cubone for Machoke
-Machoke evolved into Machamp
-Swapped Machamp for Ivysaur
-Released Machamp
-Eevee learned Body Slam
-Wiped out all trainers in Route 6 and S.S. Anne
-Stole HM01 Cut
-Ivysaur learned Cut
-Stole Bike Voucher
-Stole the ThunderBadge and TM24 Thunderbolt
-Saved progress for now


Nidoking Lv.40 Thrash, Mega Punch, Seismic Toss, Double Kick
Starmie Lv.30 (Originally Misty's) Tackle, Water Gun, Thunder Wave, Bubblebeam
Eevee Lv.30 (Originally Duskmon's) Tackle, Body Slam, Quick Attack, Bite
Pidgeotto Lv.30 (Originally Jr. Trainer's) Gust, Sand-Attack, Quick Attack, Whirlwind
Hypno Lv.30 (Originally fake Rocket Grunt's) Headbutt, Hypnosis, Disable, Confusion
Ivysaur Lv.30 (Originally some random person's) Razor Leaf, Cut, Leech Seed, Vine Whip
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