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Thanks for the review Astinus! I have delayed chap3 as am updating section 1. I will now adress your problemos.

What with Chaos confusing you... well... she basically is the top goal after 5 champs you beat N and Leaf then fail at Chaos. She is sposed to have identitity problems... you should see her having 7 badges in Kanto and not having a trainer card. Yes, she is alien. What with her being weak, she only used a few pokemon, not even her strongest. She has a team of 6 for battles that's never with her...

Oak has the orbs cause he used to fill Chaos's position and is the 4th strongest trainer. He happens to control the orbs and... I wouldn't have stolen orbs if they were in the hall of fame.

Giovnni was locked there by Celebi because the cave was guarded by LUcario AND sealed. These things need to be possible... He wanted the dragons cause he wants to destroy th world. Lets jut say magma and aqua were branchs of team rocket. The rest is up to the reader. I will take in advice though for the edit.
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