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Originally Posted by RandomDSdevel View Post
Can we just post anything having to do with FRLG remakes on the thread reserved for it? As much as I would like to play every single one of my games, including FireRed and other Pokémon games, the purpose of this thread is to discuss RSE remakes. But before I close, both sets of remakes could be released simultaneously both on the Nintendo eShop if they were both to be for the Nintendo 3DS because of how all Nintendo games will be released this way after August 19th (in North America, that is…)
You mean the thread that I made?

The point of my post (any reason for RSE remakes are as good for FRLG remakes) was relevant to RSE remakes so it fits in this thread too.

Originally Posted by Suicune™ View Post
I'm not basing it off the fact that there have been two previous remakes, I'm basing it off the reason of the previous two remakes, graphics... Diamond & Pearl's graphics are fine so there is no need to remake those two, Ruby & Sapphire on the other hand aren't so great, that's the reason why I think remakes for those two are necessary.
Outdated graphics are not a reason to remake a game, in my opinion. FRLG and HGSS made sense because it was literally impossible to trade/migrate any of your older Pokemon to gens 3 and 4.