Thread: B2/W2: B2W2 Time Discrepancy
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I tried searching for this, but there doesn't seem to be a thread for it. I noticed that with the release of B2W2 that the age of the characters no longer match the timeline.

In DPPt/HGSS, Caitlin was younger in the Battle Frontier. In BW, she became older and a member of the Unova Elite Four. This means BW takes place X years after DPPt, which in turn takes place 2 years after FRLG/RSE. If B2W2 takes place 2 years after BW, this means B2W2 should take place X+2 years after DPPt/HGSS. Why is Misty, Brock, Red, and co the same age as HGSS in the Tournament?

Following this logic, B2W2 should take place X+2+2 years after FGLG/RSE, why are Tate & Liza still little kids??

This is baffling me. If anyone has any insight into this matter, please do share!