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These are just ideas I’m bouncing around, feel free to add in your own and shoot down mine for you don’t like them! I’m just trying to get the friendships established between my character and yours.

@Underworld9) – Well, I was thinking that Vieve and Candice could have a close relationship. One where Vieve can come to Candice knowing that she’ll be completely honest with her even if it’s something that she doesn’t want to hear. Not only with problems but with homework as well since Vieve isn’t as intellectual as she would like to be. Vieve would obviously be the overly talkative one since Candice doesn’t like to talk too much. I was thinking that Vieve might not get why she is a tomboy or sometimes forgets. She (Vieve) likes dresses and accessories and is more way of a girly girl.

@drunk – Hmm, perhaps Vieve and Ricardo get in frequent arguments/playful banter? Mainly because she’s so talkative and doesn’t like his attitude so she would tease him about it. Though despite this she really looks up to him because she knows he’s a good person. Maybe sometimes she feels as if she’s not good enough to be his friend because he’s so online popular and she’s not. Vieve constantly tries to add new Spanish words to vocabulary but she butchers them giving Ricardo a headache and he always correcting her.

@Lt. Col. Fantastic – Going with your idea, I wouldn’t mind if Vieve and Vinnie had a previous relationship. There could be like a little flirtation/crushing currently going on from Vieve’s side. Even though she’s knows better then to go back to that relationship she can’t help but fall for his charm. As Vinnie is always making her laugh with silly pick up lines or playfully trying to “woo” her. Since Vieve is easily persuaded and Vinnie is such the sweet talker perhaps he would be the one to get her to do stuff that she normally wouldn’t do?

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