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Welcome to my newest side project, called =)

=) is essentially Pokemon FireRed, but with Black 2/White 2's Challenge Mode applied. Along with a few other things. I made this for my own use, but I decided to post it anyway.

Here are all the features of =) :
*All trainers have higher levels, starting out with +1, and ending with +4 by the Elite Four
*Slightly new Gym Leader teams
*Gym Leaders are now at appropriate level for boss fights
*so is Elite Four
*so is Giovanni
*No more Sandshrew in Brock's Gym
*No more Psychic Pokemon in Koga's Gym
*No more Arbok, Tauros, and Machop family in Giovanni's Gym
*Sevii Islands don't exist
*Moltres can now be found in Victory Road
*You never get the National Dex
*You never get the Vs Seeker, because that's how it was in the original games (*trollface)
*You can complete the Kanto Pokedex. This means you can eventually get both fossils, all 3 starters, both Himtons, multiple Eevees
*Wild Pokemon edited to be loosely based off of the Japanese Blue version (Ditto in Rock Tunnel, Jynx in Seafoam Islands, Lv67 Clefairy in Cerulean cave)
*Some in-game trades changed to what they are in the Japanese Blue version (note some, while others are changed to something completely new I decided)
*The quest reminder thing is removed because it's just dumb
*Gamer is now Gambler
*Font changed to Pokemon Emerald because it looks sexy
*Pokemon now use Ruby/Sapphire sprites because they look crazier that way
*Graveler, Kadabra, Haunter, and Machoke now evolve through Happiness (AKA just train them regularly)


Gym & Elite 4 team spoilers:
Lv13 Geodude
Lv13 Geodude
Lv15 Onix

Lv22 Staryu
Lv22 Gyarados
Lv24 Starmie

Lt. Surge:
Lv27 Voltorb
Lv27 Pikachu
Lv27 Magnemite
Lv29 Raichu

Lv32 Victreebel
Lv32 Tangela
Lv32 Parasect
Lv34 Vileplume

Lv44 Golbat
Lv44 Muk
Lv44 Venomoth
Lv46 Weezing

Lv48 Kadabra
Lv48 Mr. Mime
Lv48 Exeggutor
Lv50 Alakazam

Lv52 Ninetales
Lv52 Magmar
Lv52 Rapidash
Lv54 Arcanine

Lv55 Dugtrio
Lv55 Nidoking
Lv55 Nidoqueen
Lv57 Rhydon

Lorelei, Bruno, Agatha, Lance: Lv61-63
Your rival: Lv65-67



Have fun!
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