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machomuu... Erm, try again, please. The blacksmith part is fine, as is the alchemy if you actually explain it some. But currency isn't really used in this RP, and the characters are usually born into the family or were already somehow part of the family. You see what I'm getting at? You should be somehow more intertwined with the family. Usually towns and cities outside of the RP kind of diminish that, because we likely won't do anything about those in the storyline. Most people just have their characters born into the family, or their parents had left and returned with a child, etc... Something along those lines. I hope that makes sense.

ShinyDiamond, Shields are acceptable.

Originally Posted by Meloetta142 View Post
Oh, I did something wrong, did I? Yeah, I hope I don't sound stupid, but what exactly do you mean by that? I'm a rather new role-player, so any tips on it would be help full.
I think he was referring to your double-post, "Wow~that took a looong time to make! ^.^" which did end up merged.

For future reference, try not to make double posts. You usually have to wait for someone else to post after you. I think he's also making sure your RP posts aren't one-liners (incredibly short), but judging from your Sign-up, I don't think it'll be an issue.

Anyways, you're accepted.
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