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Quote originally posted by Trainer Timothy:
Is there any particular reason my Eruption (TYPHLOSION) does less damage then Flamethrower against Lance's SALAMANCE? I'm pretty sure last I checked, Eruption had more power then Flamethrower.
Eruption's base power depends on your Pokémon's HP, the more HP your Typhlosion has, the more damage it'll do. At full HP, Eruption has 150 base power.

Quote originally posted by Ninjagon:
This, i second this I have the same occurrence (not with Lance, just in general), but with Hyper Beam. My Kingdra has a Modest nature 252 EV's in SAtk and an IV of 28. Somehow Signal Beam will work better than it. Odd...
I'm not sure how to explain that, maybe a type match up?
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