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Originally Posted by Haseyo View Post
Lacunosa Town. I was saddened how little there was to do there in B/W (slightly improved in 2), but the music and layout just seemed very nice to me. I'd like to live in a place like that.

You know, minus the whole non-gated community with monsters outside thing.
The storyline is already over by then in B/W, while in B2/W2, you go through as part of the actual storyline. You actually have to go from Nimbasa to Undella and eventually off along the other new area in the game; correct me if I'm wrong, but Nacrene, Accumula, Striaton, and Numeva Town are off-limits until the E4 are beaten, am I right? Almost makes sense; there wasn't much in those areas before (other than two Gyms and a very out-of-the-way Challenge Rock that I used for financial gain while in the area), and there's even less to do there now if I understand, other than detouring through the Dreamyard.

I will reserve opinion as I have yet to see three of these areas. I don't really count the Pokémon League as a city.

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