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Quote originally posted by TR-Giovanni:
I beg your pardon? Did you claim to have created this challenge? I beg to differ, for unless you're a split personality I was not aware I had, you are not the creator.

I appreciate that you like the challenge enough to want to try it and spread it, but please don't take credit for something you didn't make. You did add a few rules, such as allowing in-game trades and treating gifts as stolen, but that doesn't make you the creator of the challenge.

Of course, anyone can claim to have made it up, so I will offer some proof. I first created this challenge for my Team Rocket Facebook group, and while I cannot post links yet, it can be found at Facebook .com / groups / PrepareForTrouble (with the spaces removed). You'll see that the date it was posted predates this thread. You can also find it on memebase, where I submitted it: hcheezburger .com/ 6411112704 (again, with the spaces removed).

Although for what it's worth, I've been playing this on my Pearl version. My current team consists of Infernape, Golem, Crobat, Mismagius, Drapion, and Persian.
Sorry about that TR-Giovanni. I'll fix the OP now
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