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@ Lt. Col. - Yeah, I can totally go with the 'best bros' idea. However, Ricardo would probably be a bit resentful/jealous about Vinnie's womanizing ways
(who wouldn't? @_@), so at points he won't really have a lot of patience with Vinnie, and might go full-on 'macho mode' at some point, challenging him to a fight… but don't actually expect him to follow through…

@ Retro - ^ That being said, since Vieve and Vinnie are going to have a flirtatious relationship, Ricardo might be pretty jealous of that. Which means that he'll have a lot of "maybe she likes me instead" moments when they have serious/personal conversations, but he'll generally keep his distance (emotionally). I really like the idea of the whole butchered Spanish thing, since that would be something that's get on Ricardo's nerves. :D
Also, if you ever need someone to unleash Vieve's "bottled up feelings" when she's angry… I'm your guy; Ricardo would probably yell back only to shrimp back once Vieve gets really going. xD

@ Otherworld - Well, to be honest, I feel like your character is the one who Ricardo is the most uneasy about… given that she's so "brutally honest".
At first, he'll see her as just 'another one of the guys', but eventually I think he's going to develop a crush on her (opposites attract…) and he'll likely get pretty protective of her and see her as his 'wild thing', although I don't see him acting on this crush on his own accord.
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