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BW was made with BW2 in mind that is clear. Hoenn was not made with sequels in mind that is clear too. But that does not prevent them from doing whatever they want, if they see it fit.

And if they did, they don't have to obey any other "rules" either. It could be sequels in the sense of GS, just with the setting still being Hoenn, meaning new pokemon popping up and a dozen new locations.

Im curious whether they would do something interesting with that small icy cave in Shoal Cave if they took that route.

Originally Posted by wombateiro View Post
Again, what random corner if Hoenn has no corners left? Using already featured town like Verdanturf is not likely because starting town always is the new one.
South of Route 118 on that close unused island.
Northeast of Petalburg
South of Fallarbor
North of Route 121
East of Route 123
Or along any existing route if they wanted.

Those would be potential places looking at the GBA map. However as the map would be bigger, they could put it anywhere that's not in the middle of the ocean.