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Quote originally posted by 徳清アキオ:
I see... Too many problems with this than I'd care to list. But here's some of the more obvious ones.
  • There's no monetary item in this RP, so a salesman seems rather pointless, no?
  • I couldn't find any indication of whether Tradesman or Salesmen would be the right term. You didn't seem to indicate whether currency existed yet.
  • Moreover, with families that help within, they'd usually reject any outsiders. They also wouldn't charge each other for items.
  • Would a tradesman be possible then?
  • While the "gemless" deformity isn't quite an issue (it does add some individuality, which anyone who knows me knows that I enjoy) I feel your pokemon link should have all of its types and moves available to learn.
  • I supose I can keep it at just missing the gem
  • Your proof of reading... Only tells me that you looked at the map. Honestly, from your sign-up, it looks like you didnt read the plot or any of it at all.
  • I wasn't really sure how to prove that I read it all. I may have missed something when I read it. I'll read it over again and edit my post.
  • Lastly, a backpacker? I mean, in some RP's that could work, but an RP like this? You'd be roleplaying alone, backpacking through empty forests and interacting with literally no one else in the RP.
  • I work well in RPs when I start out only working with my characters, I prefer them to be a stranger to all the other characters so I can work up with all of them.
  • If you could help me work out my Characters flaws I'd really appreciate it. Just give me some time to reread the post so I can figure out what I overlooked the first time.


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