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Originally Posted by redriders180 View Post
Well, according to my research, it seems that this byte isn't affected at all during Firered. Pokerus is actually preserved when you store the Pokemon in the PC. Pokerus is designed to end at midnight, and due to Firered's lack of a RTC, it just stays on a Pokemon indefinately. I don't believe you can even find it in the wild in the Firered games...the byte is only there to allow for compatability between RSE, which DO use that byte.
no what i meant was when u store a pokemon in the box, the data for the pokerus remaining byte gets erased, since only 80 bytes of data are stored for each pokemon in the boxes. What i'm not sure of is what happens to the pokerus byte tho... does that value get saved somewhere? or does the pokemon get re-infected when it gets taken out?

Originally Posted by redriders180 View Post
My idea would require the code that generates Pokemon to be modified somewhat. Currently, ability is decided whether or not the personality value is odd or even. We could modify that code to instead use the pRNG (another source of randomness in-game), see if it's even or odd, and then load the byte value of the corresponding ability into the newly-made "ability" byte. We would also need to modify how an ability is read, by making it use that byte instead of the original way.
but again, this would only apply to pokemon in the party or pokemon the player owns (depending on using the 'language' or the 'pokerus rmn' data we use) cuz I dont think wild pokemon and enemy pokemon have this data...

Newayz... I'm not gonna pretend I kno everything about the game, mechanics or otherwise, as I've only played these games very casually (gen 1-3... no 4+). I'm just going by what i read on bulbapedia about how this stuff works, so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong

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