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Originally Posted by Magmaruby and Aquasapphire View Post
I think they'll add new areas but not for the sake of sequels. I really don't know what they would do if they do sequels instead of remakes...I mean the two evil leaders gave up their goals and actually learned their mistakes unlike Giovanni, Cyrus, Ghetsis, and N (who in a way still wants to seperate pokemon from humans). Hoenn always seemed like a one shot to me.
Like I said someone else could revive Magma/Aqua with the same ideals but a different way to control Groudon/Kyogre, possibly creating a new Item just for them, like how almost ALL the other (box) Legends have Items specifically for them.

Though maybe they could go a general "Evil" team this time and make a team that simply wants to destroy the region and remake it again using Kyogre/Groudon. Both could be used for the Mass Destruction purpose, almost better than the Space/Time/Void trio and the Tao Duo Dragons (I still wait for canon proof that Kyurem is more than just some Mew/Ditto relation to Reshiram/Zekrom. It being a Space Leech thing doesn't help....PokeCell wannabe.) They could literally destroy the regions just being awake.