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Originally Posted by Dragonite Ernston View Post
The reason we used C++ rather than C# is more for the cross-platform, extensible nature of the language. Sure you have Mono for C# on UNIX-based systems, but that's really inconvenient and hard to use and you wouldn't have much support for it on that end. Keep in mind that some of the developers and users of this game use Linux or Mac OS (I personally use both a Windows and a Linux machine [and soon to be FreeBSD too] to develop this). Telling them to "get Windows" (which I've actually seen be done before on other projects) is not an appropriate solution..
Mono hard to use? lol Have you ever used WinForms? It starts you off with a Window, just drag buttons on there. Sure, it's better for applications rather than games, but it's still easy. Create an OpenGL control and it's the same as programming in C++, except all of the window creation is handled for you (very easy to change too).