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Alright... It took me a while to find this thread, but I can finally stop PMing random users for help... WITHOUT FURTHER ADO:
Title of Story - Team Evolite: The Eevee Rescue Team (I know, I need a better subtitle...)
Fandom: Pokemon (Mystery Dungeon)
Plot summary: On her way to become a top rate solo explorer, Eevette, a young and very pompous Eevee, happens upon another of her kind, only his fur is a sterling white... and his only memory is of him once being human! Together, Eevette and Nico must travel the land of Divelo and find out how the white Eevee ended up on the beach and what happened in his past to transform him into a Pokemon. However, lurking behind the darkness, many enemies are working against our two fledgling heroes, seeking to stop them in their tracks. But with Nico's mysterious ability to see past the past the darkness and discover the unknown, they might just survive find what they're looking for.
Genre: Adventure
Rating (PG, R, etc): RP-PG13
Type of mentor needed: One that can give good advice on where to veer the story when it starts to become boring as well as a grammar "professor".
Writing sample of story:

Eevette: But that’s not fair! There are many solo explorers out there, some of them very famous!

???: They’ve earned the right to explore alone. If the Board deems you skilled enough, they will allow you to train as a one-Pokémon exploration team. Until then, you must have a partner.

Eevette closed her eyes and ground her teeth out of frustration. She obviously wasn’t happy with what she was hearing.

Eevette: I would find one, but there’s no Pokémon in this desolate town remotely worthy of being my partner…

The voice behind the gate gave off a heavy sigh, which sounded like the hoot of a melancholy owl.

???: With that attitude, it’s no wonder you can’t find a partner. You run off every Pokémon you meet instead of trying to learn about them. Like I said before, the fact that Eevees are extremely hard to come by doesn’t put you above anyone else. Until you accept that and make a friend, you are not to bother us again. Now I must get back to my tasks, so I’m afraid you’ll have to leave the premises immediately. Have a good evening.

And with that, everything became silent, aside from the hushed whispers of the gentle summer breeze. For some time, Eevette didn’t move from her spot. She was immobilized by a mixture of shock and wrath.

Eevette: (How… H-How DARE that inferior Pokémon talk down to me! Without showing his face, even! Does he not know who I am?! I don’t care what he says! These Pokémon aren’t even worth having their names memorized, let alone become acquainted with! Well, I’ll show him! I’ll show them all!)

She bowed her head to view the charm hanging around her neck, and her unpleasant scowl transformed into a fulsome grin, her remaining fury into a powerful confidence. Spinning around to show her back to the guild, she directed her gaze upward and shouts to the sky a boastful decree

Eevette: Hear me, Pokémon of the land! You might be unaware of who I am for now, but I swear upon the treasure hanging from my collar, you will soon know my name! One day, the whole world will recognize the amazing talent of Eevette, solo explorer extraordinaire!!!

Other: Well, I guess my writing abilities began to form when I took up roleplaying during my high school Freshman year. I've done many partial stories since then. I know I'm not the first to say this, but I have so many ideas swimming in my head that I try to put onto paper, though I never really finished any of them due to a mixture of writer's block, and a major lack of moral support as well as a number of friends who would just laugh at my ideas. I understand the basics of writing a story already, such as setting and character development. However, I need a lot of help on the details, like how to make people sympathize with the characters and how to keep the plot interesting without it running on and on. I also get a lot of my material from the games, like most other people, but I sometimes have trouble morphing that material into something original. If anyone can help me with becoming the best fan fiction writer I can be, I'd be a very happy Meep.