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Quote originally posted by Jambo51:
You need to tidy up the list of unencrypted data, it's very hard to read in the format you have it in.

Anyway - For the creation of formes in FR, I actually used the upper half of the mark byte as storage for the forme ID. There are 4 marks, which can be set to on or off, which is, of course, a binary setting, which means they use a bit each.

This leaves 4 bits in the upper half of that byte which are unused. After a minor rewrite of the decrypter and encrypter, I was able to gain these bits for my own use.

4 bits allows for 16 possible combinations, which is actually quite a lot in terms of formes.

The "upper half" of the byte refers to the leftmost bits in binary:

128 64 32 16 8 4 2 1

In more ROM hacking orientated terms, it means that of a mark byte 0x32, the 0x30 stands for the forme the Pokémon is currently in while the 0x2 stands for which marks is has assigned to it.
Heh, I guess it would be a good idea to proofread before I post...I'll tidy that up after I do this post.

I had noticed the marks that are used for boxes, and I thought it could be useful, since I don't really know anyone who uses them, except that they're modifiable on a whim. That was a good idea for the formes, though! Maybe we could use a similar method for abilities, or other things.

If it's not too much to ask, would you share your routine for decrypting the "data" subsection?

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