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Artemesio Dell

Julius thought for a moment, and sent Vibrava to the top of Tropius. Seconds later, he spoke.

"This way," he said, a little relieved. Arti figured the raiku dorm was logged deep within Julius's memory, or something. Arti was just glad Julius was there to lead them.

George spoke up as they continued towards the Academy.

"So...youre an artist Arti? I can only just about manage anatomical diagrams. I'm more stale and science-y opposed to imaginative and arty I'm afraid. Still...I would love to have a look at your work sometime. Do you have any other hobbies?" 

Arti had to think about George's question for a bit.

"Hmmm....well, besides art, I also like cooking. Usually I make dinner for my dad and I, but occasionally we go out to eat pizza or Johto food. I love Johto food, and I've started learning how to cook it. But the take out is a lot better than what I make. I also like to play the piano, and I've actually gotten pretty good at it. As an artist, I'm better at drawing than painting, but I can use miscellanious items for art as well. Here," Arti opened his sketchbook and pulled out a loose paper. It had a black guitar neck on it, made of some sort of black, shiny material. It wove and formed, making a perfect silhouette of the guitar.

"Film strips, from my photography mishaps. Its symbolizing taking failure and turning it into something great. At least, thats what I tell everyone. Really I was just bored one day."

Arti laughed. George smiled and turned to Julius as they walked.

"What about you, Julius?" he asked, "You have any hobbies outside pokemon?"

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