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Quote originally posted by Full Metal:
LOL. You're dealing with programmers. This is on topic. ;)
Actually no, this is not a topic about programming alone. If I wanted to make a topic about programming then I would have. Like I said the topic is
Building a Pokémon game from the ground up, worth it?


Game Development Programming Discussion
You're welcome to create the latter thread if you wish to, however.

Quote originally posted by Full Metal:
If you're talking strictly about a Pokemon game

Yep, we are. As stated in the OP and in the title of the thread, this is just about Pokemon styled games. As I say, feel free to make a more general topic.

So just in case anyone is getting thrown off, I'll repeat it, yes, this thread is only relative to making a Pokemon styled engine from scratch, and whether it's worth it. I don't really want to see a debate going much further than that. Thanks.