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Dorian Dammer

"Y-Yeah, of course!" Dee Dee said a bit awkwardly and followed his best friend through the hallways, occasionally glancing at his tickets to check the room numbers. But the truth was, no matter for how long or how many times he looked at his ticket, he would not find his room, or Ayame's. He was actually lost on this boat.

"Um, do ya..." he said in a low voice, "know where our rooms could be?"

He walked next to his best friend and grabbed her hand, pretending nothing was going on, although he could not stop his cheeks from getting more reddish. The only thought of holding Ayame's hand made him that way.

"J-Just so w-we stick t-toghether..." he added timidly, "while looking for our rooms..."

She looks really happy about this...Maybe if I tell her how I feel she will feel sorry... he thought, I'll blow everything...No, I can't. I can't tell her. Not right now.

He took a couple of steps forward, trying to avoid eye contact with Ayame and trying not to think that her hand was being held in his.

Maybe not even today...Maybe never.
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