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Room 115 was quiet. Johnny hadn’t released his pokemon since he boarded the ship and he had to admit, it was really quiet without Jamie’s squawking, Lucy’s scaring, and trainer complaints about dismantled electronics. As there was always a good and bad side to everything, there was a bad side to this peace and quiet too, a peace and quiet that didn’t come too often.

Johnny was a bit lonely. At first he didn’t mind, but that was after he nearly flung one of the novels he had at the wall. It was hard to believe it was a piece of literature as he couldn’t stand any of the characters, the plot, and the dry writing. His crazy cousin, Lily, would probably like it, but it wasn’t something he would read at all.

He made a mental note to send it to her once he got off the ship.

Johnny began to unpack his bags. He carried every article of clothing he could in one hand and shoved them in the closet. It wasn’t long until the last thing he felt wasn’t clothes, but those two books, those baby books.

He ran his fingers along the cover.

Am I going to be a good father?

Johnny zipped his suitcase shut.

Am I ready for this?

He shoved his suitcase under the bed.

Will I screw up?

Johnny fell on his bed with a flop and curled up into a ball. He breathed in the scent of the blankets before hearing Lady Gaga’s Mary the Night play. He fished his cellphone out of his pocket and looked at the screen.


He threw his phone at the wall. If Twitch were here, he would attempt to scold Johnny, but at the moment, Johnny could care less. He didn’t want to talk to Stephan at the moment. Well, more like he didn’t want to talk to him at all. If it weren’t for him he wouldn’t have become so intoxicated and if he wasn’t so intoxicated he wouldn’t have gotten someone pregnant.

Stupid Stephan.

He curled up even tighter.

And the ringing eventually died.
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