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Penance 'Defender' Malum

Penance sighed in relief as Guardia heard him. Good, at least he prevented another disaster that could have happened. The others fought through the Ancient swarm and Penance made sure to only use his Water Pulses. He would save his Water Bombs for when the Sentinel did appear. For now, he would take out as many of the Ancients he could and clear the way for when their opponent did show up. He heard TrueStriker's voice in his head and nodded. Alright, so when they got there they would have to careful around the Scizor and Typhlosion. That.... didn't turn out to be the case. In the blink of an eye the prisoners poofed into dust as the Typhlosion revealed himself and attacked Dark Lightening and Hoodhide with a powerful attack.

Penance stopped right there as the wheels spun in his head. They were copies.... all the time they were copies.... He gave a quick glance around as he spied two more Sentinels. A trap.... his own trap had been turned against him.... He felt his stomach knot up as "Sentry" spoke up. His eyes widened as he quickly sent a telepathic response to TrueStriker.

Truestriker teleport over here, grab Noctus and Wildfire and get them out of here! You hear me!? Teleport to Wildfire, secure her and teleport to Noctus, get him and teleport as far away as you can! As far away you hear me!? Then, run, run as fast you all can!

He quickly connected his mind to "Bloodthirster" as well, they both needed to hear this. "Don't go back to the city! Under no circumstances go back! If they have us captured here, that means that there is a spy in the city! A spy that overheard our plans! The city is probably long since gone. Don't go to Vigil or the others! They are gone as well by now. Go my brothers, get to safety, now!

Penance cut off the conversation as he glanced at the Sentinels as they then gave the message to attack. Penance could feel himself tense up as he instinctively charged up a Water Pulse in each hand, but then he let the Pulses collapse, the water dribbling off his hands onto the ground. Why fight the inevitable? He thought as a small smile slowly formed on his bill. He would save his energy.... he would make a more powerful message instead.

He stood up as the Ancients attacked him. He could feel the Omastar shells hit into him, the Shieldons that bashed into his back, the Kabutops that impaled him with their scythes and drained his energy. Despite all the pain and punishment Penance struggled to stay up, but eventually it became too much.

Fare thee well... the last of the Gold Tribe.... Penance thought as he felt himself drift to sleep.