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Ok guys quick update on MY personal plans for today!

First off, im going to re-do Crimsonwood in my own style, and make it less squared.
Then, im going to update the plot once again to something new that I came up with.
And last but not least, im going to take a shot at creating custom battle backrounds!

Also on a side note, Pkmn.Master created us a title screen and battle graphics! Big thanks to him!

Ok guys! Crimsonwood has been re-done and looks sooo much better. Name of the game has been changed. New logo made by myself. I have uploaded screen shots of our new grass tile, and tall grass tiles. Also uploaded a random route, a mountain town, and a beach village. I failed at making battle backrounds. Can use some help in that. here are some new screenshots, more to come tommorow!

They are in order-
-New logo
-New crimsonwood
-Mountain Town
-Beach village
-Random route

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