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Welcome, every single new member who singed up! (Generic... or not?)

Quote originally posted by Meru:
And my answer for the topic's question of "Which Pokemon + Trainer combination is cutest?", would have to be Iris and Axew! I find it adorable how Axew travels along in Iris's hair! :3
Oh god yes. That hair, that big purple hair that Iris has is going to go all bubbly and cute. It's like it's Axew's little personal playground! Nice dynamics they have there.

Quote originally posted by Cosmotone8:
To answer the current topic, I thought that Dawn and Piplup was extremely adorable. Especially when Piplup got mad, then it was funny and cute at the same time. But I have to say that Iris and Axew come in a close second. The hair and Axew's cute little voice make me wanna hug it. <3
I've always liked how Piplup's antics look, even in screenshots. Still images or not, he's always like he's been messing around bad.

As for Axew... Axaxaxaxaxaxaaaxew. I think Axew is just too lovable for a cute lil' dino.

Quote originally posted by Seraphimon-sama:
As for my answer to the current topic, I gotta say Iris and Axew.
And here comes the third reply in a row with Iris and Axew, no? Sometimes, I do think that these two might just overtake everyone else when it comes to cuteness.

Quote originally posted by Avishka:
Which Pokemon + Trainer combination is the cutest?
Misty and togepi

dawn and piplup

Manaphy and May
And, finally, we've got some different answers, no, from Dawn and Piplup (at least for two answer)!

The Manaphy movie? Yeah, that always have a place in my heart. Sometimes it's not just cuteness, but it's the emotional load.
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