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While my RP slowly comes into gear, I had a fun idea, though a bit complicated. A new RP that I definitely can't work on right now, seeing as my SF/DW has only recently begun.

Monster Hunter RP
Ever played on of the games? They came out on PlayStations and PSPs. I played Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, have it as the only game for my PSP. I would have sold my PSP, if I hadn't enjoyed the game so much.

My point is, I think it would be a great Roleplay. The difficulty comes down to a few rather headache-inducing issues for a GM:
  • Character inventory, and whether the GM keeps track or trusts the player to.
  • Equipment creation and crafting materials, you could go off of the game's stats and items or create your own, but both ways seem terribly difficult.
  • Damage counters and the effort it takes to defeat a boss, whether using HP and math, or going "realistically" based on the types of hits and amount of injury.
  • Considering how long a hunter can last before passing out and being returned to the campsite.
  • Determining what herbs/bugs/fish/ores you find when you gather items.
  • Creating a system of quests for players to take, the biggest headache of all.

There's plenty more things to go over; Monster Hunter would probably become a famous and loved RP, but it'd take a master GM with the mind of a mad scientist and an expert memory.

I couldn't possibly do something to this catastrophic effect, so I'll leave the idea out for anyone else who thinks they're capable.

Any input/comments/feedback?

Anyone ever even played Monster Hunter?