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Danielle Accola - Suicune Dorms

As Danielle entered the Suicune Dorm, it felt like this morning as she entered. Lusca and Mark followed after. In the case of Mark, he's never been into the dorms before. He was quite curious to find out for himself. Danielle knows (and has realized) that some Suicuners do take their title too seriously. Maybe what Mark said before is She hoped none of her dormmates would even say anything about who she's bringing in. The dorm lobby had a few Suicuners sitting around, there was also a Raikouer and an Enteier scattered around, so maybe Danielle's alright in bringing in a guest. As Danielle stopped for a sec, she turned to Lusca, explaining to him the Suicune Dorm.

“Well Lusca, you're in the dorms! You might want to ask the dorm manager over there to show you your room. “ Danielle said, “Mine's upstairs. Haven't been there since this...morning?”

Ozzy was pretty impressed with the scenery inside the Suicune Dorm, as this was also the first time he entered with Danielle. He noticed a walking Rattata not too far from him, thinking it may belong to some trainer around the lobby. He managed to get off of Danielle's shoulder and leaped towards the lone Rattata. Danielle did notice, but she shrugged and turned back, thinking it was just one of those curiosity moments he has.

“Also, um...guys.” Danielle said, frowning. “I...wanted to apologize about earlier. I didn't mean to go off on that guy. I know he was sorry for everything, it's just that I...have a weird competitive attitude.” She scratched the back of her head, with her eyes moving around...not making too much eye contact. “Hopefully before classes begin, I can find Lucia and we'll sort things out.”

Megan Sandoval - Academy Main Office

“Hello.” Megan greeted the evening secretary as she entered inside the office with Jake. “This boy over here needs his schedule of classes and since he's new here, he's a bit shy to ask.” She turned to him and smiled. “Do you mind if he can get a printed schedule of his classes?” Leah and Bree came in after, both of them standing right next to the bench.

The office was a bit quiet, and the lady with a straight ponytail was the only one in the office. She was getting ready to leave, but her computer was still on...or at least that's what Megan thought. Megan starts to notice Jake having his hand inside his pockets...he may have something inside. Maybe taking care of a Pokemon of his? Or maybe a lucky charm? She shrugged off. As Jake made a small comment of the office (in which Megan does agree), Megan wanted to break the silence by starting a conversation.

“The school is big, yeah. You'll get used to it once you get settled. There's a lot of students your age” Megan replied, grinning lightly. She turned away to check out the outside window behind her, there was literally no one outside, though she did spot Danielle with two boys, one with no jacket and another a Raikouer, the same one she saw earlier at the Pokemon Center. She assumed they were all going back to the dorms, since it was already late.

“I...uh.” Jake murmured, his shades a bit lowered.

“Hmm?” Megan asked, catching his response.

As the secretary logged into her computer, she clicked on the student info and popped up a window to find a certain student's name. She kept her eye on Jake, as well as the computer screen. “Full name?”
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