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Daricka "Wildfire" Cambar

Before Daricka could even reach the prisoners, Dark Lightning was pulling the hood off of the one that appeared to a be a Lucario. A feeling of dread filled her as all of the prisoners disappeared, leaving only the Typhlosion. The Inferno removed his hood and attacked Dark Lightning and Hoodhide with devastating fire attacks. The dread transformed itself into intense anger as she realized that Roswell had tricked them, though the only sign of this emotion was a furrowing of the brow. Just then, the ground began to shake as Ancients started digging their way out, and it wasn't long before the Gold Tribe was surrounded by not only an army of Ancients, but three Sentinels to boot.

"What the hell is going on?!" Noctus shouted, seeming to be as taken off-guard as the Gold Tribe did.

"Can't you guess?" one of the Sentinels, Sentry, said. "The King of Thieves has delivered the Gold Tribe to us, just as promised. I've wanted to see the last of you hunted down and killed for many years now, and thanks to our deal with him, it seems that the day has finally arrived."

"Attack," The Inferno commanded, and all at once, the Ancients bore down on the Gold Tribe.

Daricka's first thought was to get to either Hoodhide or Dark Lightning. With the hit they took from The Inferno, they would need help. However, just as she was attempting to battle her way through the Ancients to the area she had last seen her two brothers, TrueStriker appeared next to her. After quickly wiping out a few of the Ancients closest to them, he grabbed her arm and they both disappeared in a flash, only to appear by Noctus. The Gallade grabbed onto Noctus, and once again the three of them teleported away, though this time Daricka wasn't sure where they ended up.

"We're between two forests, don't move. No way I'm listening to Penance and leaving everyone but us three," TrueStriker said, then he was gone.

Daricka paced back and forth, showing rare signs of restlessness and anger that were becoming more and more difficult to conceal the stronger the emotions got. It didn't sit right with her that her brethren were fighting for there lives at this very moment, and she was stuck Arceus knows where wondering what was going to happen to them. Finally, she stopped and turned her piercing glare to Noctus and growled, "Did you know that this was what Roswell had planned?"