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The flow of ancients began to slow from one of the holes, but the ground continued to shake. Suddenly, an explosion of sand burst forth from the hole and began to whip around the battlefield. From the dispersing sand cloud, a fearsome beast could be seen. A Tyranitar with a scar through his eye and blood on his hands had emerged from the hole.

Sovereign was relieved. He had been waiting in that hole for hours with nothing to eat but dirt. He was ready to fight. He knew his sandstorm would cause confusion and give him a chance to choose his opponent, without damaging the Ancients. As he looked out upon the battlefield he could see Inferno and Sentry had already gotten started. He could hear them talking about something but he was too busy looking for a good fight to listen. Suddenly he spotted something that made him smile, a dragon. Perfect.

He watched the Salemence fight off ancients and knock Sentry back with a Fire Blast. Sovereign began to charge in his direction, but before he could get there the Salemence took flight and started to fly away. No! Sovereign thought. I will have my fight! Sovereign then plunged his foot into the ground with great force. He picked up a sharp rock from the rubble and shouted, "Are you a coward, or a dragon!?" and threw the Stone Edge with great force at the fleeing dragon.