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Arrival~ (Part 2)

Taken aback a little by the person standing in front of her, she blushed slightly, standing
up, wiping the grass from her dress and looked up right into the eyes of the person right in front of her. "Hi, my name is Yuki Aurora, or just Yuki if you so prefer," she said smiling politely as she took a firm look up past the boy infront of her up to the stormy sky and then back down to the grass, seeing her dear partner breathing quietly in and out.

"Oh.." She said quickly adding to her last sentance.
"This is my partner, her name is Emolga," she said smiling down again at the small flying squirrel pokemon at her feet still snoozing away, quietly. "These are my other Pokemon", she said reaching down to her pocket and pulling out two Pokeballs, throwing them into
the air with a flourish. The Pokeballs opened with a white flash releasing two Pokemon.

"Electivire!", the first pokemon said. It was an humanoid creature covered in yellow fur with black stripes with a tough frown on its face and it had two black tails with red tips came out of it back. The second pokemon was quite different, it was rather small and had a body shaped like an lightning rods, with a blue aura of plasma around it. "Rot-Rotom, Rotom"

For a few minutes there was a brief awkward break in the conversation as she and the Pokemon just looked at eachother and then she had a flush of thought and said "Oh you, wouldn't happen to be Leon?".
She looked down at the book she was given, "Leon Mazer", unknowingly saying it wrong.
but still otherwise giving him another smile excitedly.
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