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Well, I was going to say get creative, but that's not very helpful, is it?

Think about a Golem, then think about the situation. Golem, while they can be nearly indestructible without the right attacks, are very slow. In turn, it would take a while for them to get close and hit your Pokemon, considering most of its effective attacks are close ranged, unless you count Rock Slide or something. Distance would be one way you could defeat a Golem, because they tend to need to get closer.

Setting could also be a factor. I have no idea what your setting is, but if the battle is near a lake or maybe even a cliff if you're feeling the mood, then use that as well. Specifically, Rollout comes to mind. Rolling is the only way a Golem can be fast enough to get close to an opponent so they can attack, but the problem is, Golem have to tuck in their arms, legs, and their head, so they can't see a thing when they're rolling. And with the high speeds they tend to go, well, a Golem might as well fall off a cliff or something.

These are just random ideas, but I hope you get something out of them.
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