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Maxwell Leggingsteele
Oak Town

Maxwell nodded his head at Genevieve's words as they arrived at the parlor. Behind the counter stood a tall and skinny man with a nose resembling a beak and huge bags under his eyes. Underneath the typical hat that the workers at Ice Cream parlors had, some black hair looking like it was covered in mud pointed out. To sum it up, this did not look like the kind of guy that you'd feel safe around. When he saw Maxwell and Genevieve, his face instantly lit up.

"Hello, welcome to Oak Island's finest place for ice cream! May I interest the young couple in something cold and frosty?" he said. Maxwell was surprised, the man's voice seemed genuinely filled with happiness as his introduction was followed by a bright smile.

"U-Um yeah. Actually, I'd like a... A "Chocolatey Super Munch"." Maxwell said.

"Oh! I can see that you are a young man with taste! No one really seems to appreciate that ice cream... It's one of my own creation actually! But everybody says it's "Too sweet..." or "This is the kind of stuff that will make your teeth fall out!". Psh, they can't handle the chocolatey sweetness that is my creation!" the parlor-man exclaimed. After noticing that he'd trailed off in front of not only one, but TWO customers, the parlor-man looked away in an embarassed way for a moment before continuing.
"And how about the young lady? I'm sure that you would like something as well?" he said and looked at Genevieve.

Wilson the Swinub
At the beach??

Well, this was unexpected. Let your stomach steer you and in the next moment you're on some beach, getting attacked by a Skitty. Wilson hit the ground and rolled backwards from the attack. The kitty-like Pokémon had taken him completely by surprise.

[Hey, what was that for?!] the Swinub exclaimed as he rose up on his four paws again. He turned his seemingly closed eyes towards the Skitty in an attempt to glare at her. What jad he done to deserve this kind of treatment? If it was one thing that Wilson despised, it was being hungry and in a bad mood at the same time. And right now, the Swinub wasn't exactly feeling like flowers and cherry pie.
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