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Quote originally posted by xxarmando:
So basically I can EV train at level 1 and when I max it out say 252 in at and 252 in speed and 4 in hp i can then continue to level to 100 without having to worry because I'm EV capped at what ever level i capped it ( say i maxed it out at lvl 23).
Exactly. Once you cap your EV max you can train worry free of inheriting any unwanted EVs.

Scratch that.

Scenario: If you have 252 Speed EVs and you battle another RATTATA (Common Speed EV Giver) it won't go into your speed EV pool because it's maxed out.

Scenario: Some POKeMON such as UNOWN give off 2 EVs of different kind (1ATK and 1SPAK) here to fore, be careful of those.