Thread: HeartGold hack: [HGSS] Kris as Female Protagonist
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New patch is up! Changes detailed in changelog in original post.

Interesting note: while I was searching the rom for the location of the mini-sprite used to denote the location of the player on the Town Map, I found a file with the icons of the playable characters, Raikou, Entei, and Suicine (as expected). But, instead of Lyra, it had a blue-haired female, which I assume is Kris. I'm not sure if this has been found by anyone before, but it's confirmation that Game Freak did in fact have Kris in the game at one point (or at least used her as a debug for the map icons). Just thought this was pretty cool :D The file is located in a/1/4/2 for anyone that's interested (in Tinke, it's file 22 IIRC). This Kris mini-icon is the one used in the patch, and is pictured in the original post.

Let me know if you find any other bugs not noted in the original post!