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Mina Avery

"So whadda ya think about our chances for winning? I dunno, our combined team seems... Lacking," Rolly said as he flopped down on the couch, right on top of Waltz, the Luxray sounding its protests as Mina winced. "When you think about it, I've got Swing. He's a fire type. I've got Waltz, he's an electric type. Polka is water... You've got your Charizard- Which looks like a firey beast as well. Good thing he's got a pair of wings~ And Dragon types! That'll be a huge advantage! And then you have your Tyranitar- And he's pretty craggy lookin'. Rock, right? Steel? Ground? And then your Milotic, which is also Water. If we face up to any Rock or Ground types... Sure, we have Polka and... Milotic- But that's still four of our group down. I don't want to put too much stock into all this typing nonsense, but that's still a serious problem right there. And most Rock'n'Ground types are very physically biased, which means Polka might be stuck with some troubles..."

Mina waited patiently for him to finish speaking, piping up once she was sure he was done. "Actually, Charizard are fire and flying types, though Fire does know Dragon Pulse." She suppressed a sigh. This guy didn't seem to know much about foreign Pokemon. "At least for Tyranitar you got the rock part right, but they're also dark-types." A wicked smiled spread across her face. "There's no need to worry about Aquarta. She may be shy, but she's also strong. Even electric-types have trouble against her, and if her enemy is a male she's at an immediate advantage."

Mina stopped for a moment to think, then an idea came to mind. "Why don't we have a practice battle so we can each see how the other battles? I believe they have a place for that..." She trailed off as she pulled out the booklet and flipped through it. After a few moments, she found what she had been looking for. "Yep, it says here there's a practice arena in the basement of the main complex." She looked up at him expectantly. "So? Wanna have a quick bout?"
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