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Chances are, if you've clicked on this, you either know what Touhoumon is, or are curious enough to learn more. Either way, let me throw in some back-information as to what Touhoumon is before I post the Development Kit so people understand what it is I did.

Touhou Puppet Play, or Touhoumon as it's been translated as, is a Japanese Pokemon Rom Hack of Pocket Monsters Fire Red, which replaces all 396 different Pokemon species with the various characters from the prolific Japanese Doujin/Indie curtain-fire game, Touhou Project, produced by Team Shanghai Alice. There are numerous different Touhoumon games (Aqua+Yui, Purple, Another World, Faith & Prayer Version, Gaiden, Ordinary), all with different ideas, but keep the same basic concept - Touhou characters serving as the obtainables within the game environment.
Example video: Touhoumon Purple - Factory Head Noland (Gold), Generation 1.812
I've hung around Touhoumon hackers for many hours on end, and their projects always seem to slip through - lack of understanding, lack of patience, lack of something which makes their projects fall through. No stranger to the pain of constant defeat of hacking, I sought out to create something to help these people create their own Touhoumon game - one that isn't bound by the limitations of a rom. And thus, the Touhoumon Development Kit was created.

With the preface out of the way, the Touhoumon Essentials Development Starter Kit, or Touhoumon DevKit for short, is utilziing Essentials V13 (I decided not to update to Version 14 yet, for reasons - the next build will likely utilize the latest version that may be out at the time). Like how Touhoumon hacks keep the same core of Pokemon games, the DevKit keeps to the same basic core of what Pokemon Essentials was programmed and developed for.

Below are the main features and showcases of this specific build of the Touhoumon DevKit. For a visutal experience, I have included some videos below of what can be done with the DevKit at the bottom of the post.

  • All Touhoumon from the current official build (1.812), as wel as the unofficial ones from Touhoumon Purple (the Ten Desires cast, MagiStones, and a User-friendly Kasen) have been included. The special AImons are also included, but do not have a user0friendly setup, as they were intended to be used only for the AI in Elite Four rematches in the games they came from.
  • Pokemon from generations 1-4 are all present, for those who wish to mix and match their Pokemon and Touhoumon needs into their games.
  • Moves from the 1.812x era of Touhoumon have been directly extracted from Touhoumon Purple.
  • This engine makes complete use of the Touhoumon Generation 1.8, as opposed to the previous DevKit build, which used 1.5's generation. The benefits to this include a properly set up Physical/Special split, and a streamlined evolution array and new type chart. All approrpiate files for understanding 1.8 have been included with the download.
  • The DevKit contains a combined Pokemon and Touhoumon type chart, all 34 types have combined weaknesses and resists. There is an Uncombined type chart for those who wish to make their own combined chart, or leave the charts uncombined.
  • Pokemon and Touhoumon abilities ahve been segregated and function independantly of each other. Some abilities aren't programmed in yet, mostly because I havem't figured those out yet, others because of convenience, and others just seem pointless to copy.

  • All graphics come from Touhoumon 1.8. Some AImons do not have backsprites or shiny sprites, as they replaced the Filler Slots in Pokemon games where the player couldn't catch them.
  • Maribel and Renko are set as Player 1 and 2, respectively. For the DevKit, Red is set as Player 3. These all can be modified, and they have graphics correlating to their player slot already inserted. Credit for the Red sprite, unfortunately, is unknown - it came from a much older build of Essentials.
  • Backgrounds for the continue screen have been changed - they now alternate between a Yin-Yang orb and the Mini Hakkero
  • SEVERAL Touhou characters have Overworlds and Trainer sprites. At some point in the future, as Faith & Prayer Version and Underground progress, there will be much more. Most of them were done by my graphics artist Kasael and Maralis, be sure to give them credit.
  • All of the Orbs from Touhoumon are included, but they do not replace Pokeballs. They are there for those who wish to use either-or.

Exploration Additions/DevKit Story
For this build of the DevKit, I went back to my original plans before I scrapped them or the very first build. This DevKit has a small story attached to it, which falls concurrent to Faith & Prayer Version's story, but can be entirely disregarded. It is included to give the user-end a feel for the kind of projects that can be made with the DevKit. The list of locations in the Touhoumon DevKit are as follows:
  • Isolated Woods - An area long forgotten to time, somewhere to the north of Ecruteak City in the Johto Region. It contains an entrance that leads into Boundary Cave.
  • Boundary Cave - An area which contains a secret passage, sealed off by five sages. The sages must be defeated in order to pass through the cave's secret passage.
  • Mulberry Village - A village that was created right at the edge of an abandoned shrine that apparently has history. Is it real, is it not? Nobody knows. It contains the DevGym, where trainers get the Void Badge, and permission to leave Mulberry Village to the east.
  • DevGym - The DevGym, run by [REDACTED] is a gym that is broken down, and requires the user to fix it through the use of RPG Maker XP's editing software. This is to give the user a soft introduction/reminder about how the core functions you'll need for making a game in RMXP.
  • Dilapidated Shrine - A shrine forgotten to time. Not much is there.
  • Malachite Creek - A small little wooded area with a creek running through it. It contains an entrane into Mortar Heights.
  • Mortar Heights - A cave that leads into a part of Mt. Mortar, and has a mysterious location in the far back of it.

Other Features/Overlooked Features
  • Official Development Credits - You can examine one of the signs by the Pokemon Center in Border's Edge Village and it will start playing them. (The song used for the credits is Innocent Treasures, off of one of the Touhou Music CDs)
  • The Pokedex now differentiates between Pokemon and Touhoumon. Everything that has an ID number beyond 493 in the Pokemon.txt file is classified as a Touhoumon.
  • Various instances of the word "Pokemon" were phased out for a more neutral pronoun (Eg. "Party", "Species", "Target")
  • Unlike the former version of the DevKit, this does not have any of Faith & Prayer version in it at all. The DevKit and Faith & Prayer version are 100% separate entities now.
  • Contains items that replace the need for HMs (Such as an Axe/Cut, Grappling Hook/Waterfall, Scuba Gea/Dive, Mini Teleporter/Fly).

I believe that is everything that is featured and showcased in the Starter Kit. If you have any questions pertaining to the Kit, I would have no objections to answering them. Please remember to double-check before you report an issue.

With all of that out of the way, here are the download links to the DevKit. Please remember to give credit to myself and the developers of Pokemon Essentials when using it.
Touhoumon DevKit - Version 1

Thank you for reading all this, I hope you enjoy the DevKit!

Unfortunately, this is all I have on hand at the moment
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