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Originally Posted by 徳清アキオ View Post
That made me laugh.

I know it's possible, I'm just not going to even attempt it. Much too difficult to GM for me.
Of course it's possible ;) anything is possible to turn into a RP, albeit very difficult. But yeah, maybe come up with an original plot to sort of incorporate the MH mechanics to? Or some of them, all mechanics in video games can't be turned into text forum RP form. Not without lots of trouble and unnecessity. (that's not a word, is it lol but you get what I mean perhaps)

For Checkmate, the players will be entering a game inside the RP, so strangely game-like mechanics can work there.

Originally Posted by 1ninjadude1701 View Post
Hey guys for all of you who are wondering why i havn't been so active its cause i cant seem to think to much about RPing when i have so much other stuff to do. I may come back in a couple months but not now. I will check up every once in a while but will not be posting for a couple months or a couple weeks either way it really depends mostly on how well i can think. I just cant think of ways to RP well now and i'm trying to think of a decent story on top of that. Sorry for not being online to tell everyone. Sorry.
I know exactly how you feel. Don't worry about it, take your time and live your life. Hope you come back!