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I'm kinda, sorta feeling the same way as that ninja dude. Lately I've been away from the RP scene due to personal reasons, which is why I haven't been around (or even like...enthusiastic) as much as before. I have plans to drop my RP count to 2-3 so that way I can just go do one post every 2 days. Really saddening tbh. :(

But the RP ideas are like...coming to me like hot bread. :| I have an idea for an Evil Group Training School RP (where trainers can actually play an evil character-to-be like Team Rocket or Team Plasma). But I'm still not certain as of now.

oh, and onto what I actually came for lolol:

Pokemon Hunger Games is in need of four players! We have Seviper, Floatzel, Gothitelle and Dragonair left. :) You don't have to be a fan to join this! :)

tem pay 4 cool leg
add me on steam