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A shipping box? I find it funny in a sadistic sort of way that Tobias would put his own son in a shipping box. It makes sense in the given situation, but still. I was expecting something more high-class from a guy like Tobias...
Desperate times call for desperate measures Let it be known that this is the only type of "shipping" you'll ever see in one of my stories xD

Speaking of Tobias & Son, this pair takes some pretty extreme measures... Now they want to kill Lisa too? Sounds like our investigators have quite a case on their hands...
They're no Team Rocket, that's for sure... these guys mean business. And that's the type of ruthless villains the Pokemon world desperately needs, actually.

By the way, I liked the little connection you made to Lurking in the Shadows. I enjoy it when authors make references to their other works, especially if the connection is consequential.
Thanks, I wonder if anyone else picked up on that Unlike my last story, it actually made sense to include that connection here, as his company's certainly got the resources to fund terrorist activities. Plus it develops a second conflict in addition to the whole Leaf vs. Red one.

And ah, the classic bar fight scene. I haven't read this too many times in a fic before, but it seems that no mystery can be solved without throwing a punch or two. But the men in the bar were strangely hostile...
Just your typical seedy biker-bar patrons who can't stand the authorities at all, and who probably have their own demons they'd rather the cops not find out about. And if it's good enough to happen to Ranger Cordell Walker in every every episode, it's good enough to happen to Lisa

Well, don't feel too much for Red; he's still a greedy, narcissistic psychopath. His thirst for power and glory was always there; the Nidoking incident just gave him a new, twisted justification for wanting to be the best. But actually, I wasn't planning on doing much with it past that... perhaps we can talk about that by PM so as not to spoil any ideas I might come up with...

Thanks for reading, and glad you enjoyed the chapter! Next one will hopefully be coming up soon!

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