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OOC: (Alright, everyone! I'm going to start my adventure and I don't know how I should contribute, so just tell me if I do something that's not really recommended or wise... Other than that, I'm really looking forward to play my part as Nicholas John Kurtz (Meep) and make this story as interesting as I am possibly able to! See you at the Academy! X3)


Meep had finally unpacked all of his luggage and made sure that his furniture and personal knickknacks have been arranged so that they would be convenient to access as well as not get in the way of anything else. He still couldn't believe that this Academy would be his new home as of today, finding it somewhat difficult to adjust to the unfamiliar surroundings.

I wonder if I'll fit in, he began to think to himself. Will I be accepted by the other Suicune Students, or will they just label me as an outcast? Can I make a good first impression without messing up my introduction or making myself look like a weirdo or freak? Will they... Ugh... His head started hurting suddenly, probably from all of the anxiety he was feeling. He decided to rest for a few minutes, but when he turned around, he saw that Heart was bouncing around on the springy mattress, apparently wanting to explore the campus with her master. Meep was about to say something, but instead deeply sighed.

"Alright, Heart. You win. Let's see how comfortable your travel bag really is," Meep said, and the gray Eevee, joy shining in her eyes, immediately hopped down and ran to Meep's bag. As Meep opened it up, she crawled inside, after which her master buckled the cover flap back up. It seemed her tail was unable to fit in the bag along with the rest of her, for it was jutting out from under the cover and hanging over the side. Meep couldn't help but smile at the sight, since this was the first time Heart's ever traveled with him in this manner. Feeling much less anxious about his first day than before, he threw the bag over his shoulder, Heart gazing out from under the flap, and walked out of his room, hesitant about meeting new people, but filled with enough confidence to let him hide his shyness from the public.
The Pokémon Trainer Academy

(PTA OOC, Page #108, Post #2696)

Foxfire - Ninetales (F) [Lv. 23]
Known Moves: Flamethrower, Will-O-Wisp, Hypnosis, Energy Ball, Double Team, Heat Wave
Fluffernut - Flaafy (M) [Lv. 19]
Moves: Thunderbolt, Cotton Spore, Power Gem, Light Screen, Charge, Cotton Guard
Heart - Eevee (F) [Lv. 1] {Appearance: Gray Coat, Black Mane, Blood-Red Eyes}
Moves: Tackle, Helping Hand
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