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Danielle Accola - Suicune Dorms

Danielle was okay with both Mark and Lusca accepting her wasn't much of a big deal, actually. She frowned a bit as Lusca offered to visit Lucia. She knows that Lucia is somewhere in the dorms...but, “I don't know which room Lucia is in, actually. We...met after a random battle, and we kinda, sorta became instant friends after that. She could have at least told me which room is she in to be quite honest.” She sighed a bit, and decided to take Lusca and Mark to the Dorm manager's reception desk, where there was absolutely no one at the time.

In the meantime, Mark got a piece of paper out and a pencil to write his PokeGear number, he wanted to keep in touch with both Danielle and Lusca, especially with Danielle seeing that she's his old friend.

“Well, indeed I do, Mark! Honestly we should totally stay in contact.” She smiled and wrote her number on a piece of random paper laying around the reception desk. It took her no longer than 5 seconds to write down her number twice, one for Mark and one for Lusca. “Here ya go, you two!” She gave the number to both guys. “I'm sure we'll stay in contact while we're in class and stuff.”

As they exchanged numbers, the Dorm Manager, wearing professional clothing as well as a Suicune Jacket sat down on his desk chair and faced the three trainer students with a smile. He had a cup of coffee on the desk, Danielle assumed he works at the night shift while the students go to sleep. “Hello! May I help you three?”

“Hi, um..” Danielle started, “He's new to the school and just arrived. Do you mind showing him to his dorm?”

“I'll have to pull up his name and exam scores to see if he's a Suicuner alright.” The Dorm Manager got his clipboard and checked on the long list of “new Suicuners” on his clipboard. It had a lot of pages...meaning a lot more students were taken in alongside Danielle and Lucia. He then faced Lusca, locking his eyesight on him. “May I please have your name sir?”

((OOC - CCW, you have the option to take over the Dorm Manager since it's an NPC or you can just wait for me to post again. lol))
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