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((OOC: I'll take over for some of the first part of his speech, lol. Then I guess you can finish it off once I tell him what Lusca's name is ...))

"By the way, do you two have Pokegear or something else along the lines of a phone? We can swap numbers if you like." Mark said as he pulled out a tiny notepad from his pocket and began to write down his Pokegear number twice. He ripped the paper into two and handed the numbers to both Danielle and Lusca.

"Absolutely!" Lusca said happily as he took the numbers of both Mark's and Danielle's PokeGear. "That'd be great if we all kept in touch, thanks!" It took him a second, but he soon realized something. "Oh! I suppose you'll both be needing my own as well..."

They all walked over to the reception desk, where Danielle and hiself wrote down their numbers and handed them out respectively.

"Call or text when you like, I'm sure I'll probably be doing the same to you two until I finally get settled into this place."

He laughed it off quickly as they all noticed the man coming over to sit at the reception desk. He took a long, breathless sip of what smelled like coffee, sighing heavily after he'd finished a gulp. After placing the cup down on the shelf behind the counter, he expectantly looked at the three students in front of him. Mark received a longer look of suspicion, but it quickly passed as he spike to the Suicuners looking back at him.

“Hello! May I help you three?” he said with a warm, coffee tinted smile.

Danielle spoke up first, Lusca a bit taken aback by the grime of the workers toothy grin.

"Hi, um..” she started as she gestured towards Lusca, “He's new to the school and just arrived. Do you mind showing him to his dorm?”

He looked suspicioisly at Lusca, who shyly waved in return. “I'll have to pull up his name and his exam scores to see if he's a Suicuner, alright?" He asked while typing away at a hidden computer. He pulled up a screen and then switched to a clipboard, eying Lusca and his new friends as he spoke.

His intense gaze then locked onto Lusca's, making him tense up a bit. Lusca could almost see the receptionist give a sly smirk before addressing him. "May I please have your name, sir?"

"Oh ...uh... Lusca, sir. My name's Lusca Alec Maloii ..."

((OOC: It's all you Meganium .))

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