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Quote originally posted by Vato:
What was your first RP experience?

I can't actually answer since the RP I putted in the Corner hasn't got any SUs, even when it's been there for 8 days..., or were they nine? Guess I lost the count..., and the RP I signed up for hasn't started, so yeah..., anyways, I'd love to hear what your first RP was about!
So you mean that you submitted a roleplay of your own without ever having roleplayed before? I wish you luck with that, most people usually join a couple of RPs first to learn how things are done.

My first RP... I'm not sure, actually. I think it was "A new professor in town", a pokemon journey RP from the member slls81. Most people who have been here for a while remember that RP. It went on for a long time, years even. But I was only with it for a few posts in Hoenn XD Wasn't very dedicated or good back then.

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