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No I mean this is not an issue of sprites, that's irrelevant. When someone thinks "Misty" they think

or Misty from the anime, or Misty as her most known incarnation in any medium. And that is with a ponytail. The art of her with a ponytail far over numbers the art of her with her hair down. This is the iconic version of Misty, and will continue being the most iconic even if she changes and grows up more.

I'm not saying that they should have put an older design of Misty in the game. I'm saying that I think the excuse of them keeping old sprites is for "the iconic look" is not a valid argument. They kept the HGSS gym leaders unchanged because they are the most current and stylistically don't have to be remade to fit the game, not because people prefer them. If they went with what people preferred, I'm sure most of us would prefer seeing a new design. We like to see characters grow.

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