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And from their POV as a COMPANY they don't want to remake sprites when they don't have to! It doesn't matter what you personally think of when you see Misty, if a COMPANY says they want to market Misty images to appeal to everyone, they'll use the most iconic version. The ponytail, because it is iconic because it's the most known and used, that is not a debatable fact.

They didn't use that version. That means that they in their POV were not thinking about iconic features. They used the quickest route, and that is the HGSS sprites without any redesign. They didn't take them because of popularity. All of their games are popular, and they also have nostalgia to contend with. They used the HGSS without redesigning them because in their POV as a company that is the easiest thing to do without impacting quality for a side feature, not for any other bogus reason.

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