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Candice Greyson

You have already started the installation. Stretching and leaning back, you were suddenly interrupted by the sound of rapid digits. Curious, you discover that the screen was full of letters and digits. It asked you to give the long code of digits and letters to your Server player, who happens to be Vinnie of course. You didn't hesitate to get on Pesterchum, only to find that he had beaten you to it and is now awaiting your response.

"Wow, loverboy is fast," you mumbled, responding and sending him the code. You receive the code from his game and quickly exit out of Pesterchum. Typing out the code, it took a few seconds until the game has processed it and finally proceeded. It was accepted.

The screen then showed a strange Spirograph. You have never seen such a...beautiful shape before. Circles, triangles, and simple hearts looked pretty bland, but this was magnificent! Not able to stop staring at the screen. The music didn't help either, it just made you stare at the screen even more. Something about it called to you, and actually managed to make you press your forehead against the screen. All of a sudden, it turned black. Blinking, you lean back and press the red mark on your forehead. Maaaaybe you got a bit too carried away. A green word hovers eerily in the screen, which spelled out SBURB. You waited for the game to start, but nothing else happens after that. Puzzled and confused, you convince yourself that it's probably just the Laptop being slow.

The Pesterchum windows opens, revealing somebody pestering you. What struck you odd was the username. You never heard of spoke to such a person. Either way, you take the chance and read what they have to say.

velociClamper [VC] began pestering archaicMiracle [AM]
VC: you've installed sburb now, haven't you?
VC: the only thing you'll need to worry about right now
VC: is what to prototype with!
VC: very important!
VC: dunno how much time you have
VC: but you should have a lot!
VC: that was the point of sending you the files!!
VC: though time is tricky
VC: but yeah, the prototyping! of the kernelsprite
VC: eh, I'll talk to your server player instead
VC: he's the one who needs to know stuff now!!

velociClamper [VC] seized pestering archaicMiracle [AM]
velociClamper [VC] began pestering archaicMiracle [AM]
VC: right!
VC: put useful things in your sylladex, of course. the pink one!
VC: and decide carefully what to put in your strife specibus! the green one.
VC: it'll be the only kind of weapon you'll use!!

You wanted to respond, yet you had no idea who the person was. This guy, or girl, talks as if they knew your every move. The urge to contact the overcame you, but not before you felt a cold chain hanging from your neck. Shocked, you look down and analyze the necklace that somehow got itself around your neck. One pendant was green, and the other cerise. Two pendants hanging from this mysterious necklace. Doubt and worry started to overcome you. 'What have you gone yourself into,' you thought to yourself, not knowing what to make out of the situation.

Bothered by this, your eyes dart around the room out of fear, looking for anybody inside. There was nothing. Relieved, you grab both pendants and proceed to take the necklace off. All of a sudden, your hand felt lighter. Opening it revealed no cerise pendant. Okay, now you were starting to see things. You lift both your hands and facepalm yourself awake, but let out a screech of pain. There, on your other hand, was a brown wallet. Trying to prevent yourself from going insane, you open the wallet and find 5 cards the size of an average deck of cards. They had a pink border, yet the white inside was empty. Placing them back inside, you gently put down the wallet a few feet away from you, walking away in silence towards your bed. For a moment you close your eyes, trying to concentrate on the situation. Once you opened them, you find that the wallet was gone, and that the cerise pendant had returned into its former place.

Curious, yet freaked out, you nervously touch the green pendant. The next second, it vanished out of thin air and materialized into another wallet. Quickly you open the wallet and discover a green card. It was somehow different in the inside design, yet you ignore the difference and place it back inside.

Then it all clicked. As crazy as you thought you were, you hurry back into your desk and open the Pesterlog for VC. There, you reread the conversation and try to figure out what to do now. "Put useful things in your Sylladex." What did it mean? Same for the green one, but except for a weapon. You started to see this as a real game, yet you manage to shake your head and snap out of it. 'What are you doing?' Not able to think clearly, you close your laptop and stand in front of the huge window. Worried, you stare into the glass and capture the image of your reflection. You've never been this freaked out in your life. Of course, you loved the Paranormal, but you didn't want it happening to you!

Breathing in and out, you touch the cerise pendant once more, making a wallet materialize on your hand again. Taking out a random pink card, you study it. You might as well follow orders, who knows what happens if you don't? Besides, it obviously connects with the strange email, which was actually threatening seeing as there were "consequences" if you didn't follow the simple installation. It was probably the same exact person who just pestered you.

Not knowing what to do, you drop the card and watch it fall. What took place after turned your view on reality upside down. Landing on top of your Mountain Dew pack, it somehow glowed and made the pack disappear out of thin air. It glowed once more before falling again, landing on the floor. Gasping at the sight, you kneel down to pick up the card. On the front side was the image of your 8-pack of Mountain Dews. Everything didn't make sense, so of course, you had to blame something.

"MAGIC," you blurted out, taking out another pink card while sneaking the Mountain Dew one inside. Glancing around the room, you find your skateboard and firmly press the card against it. It did nothing for the first few seconds. The skateboard suddenly disappeared, making you smile awkwardly and laugh. You were going insane. All your life you believed in magic and the paranormal, but stopped since your friends convinced you that it was all make believe stuff. This was not technology. If it were, it wouldn't make things disappear like this. Whether it was magic or not, you had some sort of strange thing in your grasp.

"Uhh, weapon," you mumbled, asking yourself. The first thing that pops into your mind was the bat your dad had saved for you in case you needed it. Before you took another step, you snapped yourself out of it once more and dropped the wallet, causing it to transform back into the cerise pendant on your necklace.

"I'm going insane," you tell yourself. You had to talk to somebody. Vinnie MUST have experienced something, since you exchanged codes with him and all. Freaked out, you head to your computer and open Pesterchum. Vinnie had already tried to contact you. Turns out he was also kinda worried and insane, just like you were. There, you proceeded to pester Vinnie.

BV:Wtf is going on here?
BV: Candice! I can see you on SBURB!
BV: I mean it! I see you messing with that necklace!
BV: What do I do, anyway? This game is confusing, and creepy!
BV: If I do anything, will it affect you or something? or just show up on my screen?
BV: do you care??

AM: I have no idea.
AM: I kinda have some weird necklace that uses magic to...put things in cards?
AM: Then I went insane
AM: Wait
AM: You can see me?
AM: Oh my...uhh. This is too strange
AM: For the first time, I'm freaked out.
AM: Oh god oh god oh god
AM: I don't know any answers, I'm kinda freaking out too...mentally.
AM: But I can't see you on my screen...

You leave the conversation and turn around. What was going on? Hopefully your dad doesn't enter and see you freaking out here. Knowing your dad, he will somehow force you to calm down, just like the few times you were bullied when you were young. Of course, he wouldn't believe anything, but who knows. You take a few deep breaths and try your best to keep your cool. Somehow you manage to keep a straight face, and proceed to look at the screen. You knew that what ever you were getting into might as well change your life forever...but you then ask yourself; wasn't something this strange, weird, and exciting what you were dreaming of all along? Now you realize how wrong you were. To think your life was boring and long. Guess you have to go with it and see. Everything happens for a reason anyway, right?