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And a majority of those are done by the older fans that have been with the Anime since the beginning or have access to the older episodes, but game wise they don't have any large images outside of Misty's RBY/FRLG sprites.

The thread is to discuss why the sprites weren't changed yes, but I saw your side getting a little too heated, especially where you were stating that it was because the company was lazy/didn't want to do it. You don't work for GameFreak so you cannot know why they did what they did.

No I never mentioned how easy it is to sprite because it isn't easy. That could be one reason why they didn't make new ones for all the Gym Leaders rather than the Hoenn Leaders who needed updated sprites to the larger sized versions.

Also I think we have a different definition for Iconic.

i·con·ic   [ahy-kon-ik]
1. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of an icon.
2. Art . (of statues, portraits, etc.) executed according to a convention or tradition.

Definition 1: Current sprite is Of Misty, pertaining to Misty, or a Characteristic of Misty.

Art wise, her sprite is Iconic because it is Misty. Older or younger it doesn't matter. Misty is Misty. They used her up to date art that's Canon art that they had. We know that much. As I said before it could be because she didn't age physically between HG/SS and B2W2, same with all the other Gym Leaders, as opposed to Caitlin who physically aged and had visual change.

My answer to the OP's question, the ones outside of the Hoenn set who "Needed" the update, didn't age enough for a change in sprite. It IS a lot of work to edit sprites and make new ones from scratch. I am learning to sprite and it is possibly the hardest thing I've done in art my entire life.

So yes, the argument on which Misty is Iconic is off topic and not relevant to the discussion of "Why don't the Gym Leaders/Red look as if they aged?" question the OP had.