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I'm seriously confusing myself and complicating things too much here. I've given it some more thought. *clears throat*

Group chats are possible, by OPENING A MEMO. Anyone on your chumroll can respond.

The server player would see an overview of the client's house, similar to how it looks in The Sims, and can move around the view, turn it around and zoom in and out however they like. The interface buttons are at the top of the screen.


REVISE is when you build onto the house, like walls and stairs and whatnot. You can pretend that the interface for building walls and stuff is similar to The Sims or HOWEVER YOU WANT. Let's not go into details. You can build onto the house and you can delete stuff.

GRIST is the resource that you use when you revise AND deploy things AND use the ALCHEMITER (which is something you'll have to learn on your own or ask VC about).

When you revise, you DO NOT HAVE TO THINK ABOUT GRIST. It's too complicated. If I think that you're building too much, I WILL SIMPLY TELL YOU SO THEN. Ok?

You can DEPLOY the three machines whenever you like, no matter if your character has any idea of what to do with them or not. They will look like this (only, metal colored instead of white) :

The ALCHEMITER. Alchemy, that sounds magical.

The TOTEM LATHE. Lathe... isn't that something that carves wood in certain shapes?

The CRUXTRUDER. It looks like the lid wants to come off, in some weird way... but it can't seem to be pried open.

And lastly, you still have control over your family and can play them, as I won't. Yet.

Did that make a little more sense? :3 Trying to implement as much as I can from Homestuck, without making it ridiculously complicated. It already is lol


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