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Ahh, I adore Bug types! I was actually planning to make this club myself if someone didn't do it soon xD And first five to join get three partners? Perfect ;D

Username: AlexOzzyCake
Partners: Sewaddle, Dwebble & Spinarak please c:
Reason: Like I said before, I adore Bug type Pokémon. They're my second favourite type after Poison, which is a type that goes hand in hand with them ♥ They're not usually as strong as other types and they don't always have the most unique designs or typings, but I don't think this matters because every single Bug type Pokémon I can think of simply makes me smile. They're the classics like Butterfree/Beedrill; they're the power houses like Scizor/Volcarona; they're the random cuties that you never see like Surskit/Venonat; but they're all wonderful. ♥

Although all of the current topics are very interesting (I especially like the one about the flying/wings :3), I'm only going to answer one right now and save the rest till later. :D

What's your favorite bug type, and why?
This is an incredibly hard choice for me... Either Dwebble or Sewaddle for sure, but it's so hard to choose between them. :( They're both so cute and nyahhh ♥ I prefer Sewaddle's evolutions (I adore Swadloon and Leavanny is just wonderful, so that's easily my favourite Bug type family by far), but Dwebble is just so adorable... But Sewaddle is more playful and it's surprisingly strong in battle... I think I'm slightly biased though since I've used a Sewaddle in Black on my main team but I've never got round to using a Dwebble, so I've had more time to bond with Sewaddle :3 Although Dwebble in the anime is just nyahhh <3 But then so is Sewaddle! Gah, this is a really hard choice so can I just say both? xD Sorry xD